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IM Marketing Blog

Turn Yelp From Your Worst Enemy Into Your Best Friend

Make Yelp work for you! Savvy salon & spa owners can turn Yelp’s negatives into positives, and positives into new guests & higher revenues.

Yelp Do's and Don't's

Tips to help your business work Yelp reviews to your advantage.

Branding: When It’s Over Vs. When To Rekindle It

So your brand needs updating. Start from scratch or tweak what you’ve got? IM Marketing strategy & design experts guide you through a refresh vs. rebrand.

Hairstylists: Fluent in every love language

Stylists have been speaking a magical language to us this whole time—the love languages. Now we’re convinced that hairstylists are one of the only professions that express all 5 Love Languages every day. Need some evidence? Read on.

The Marie Kondo Effect on Your Brand’s Social Media Presence

“Does this spark joy?” is probably a question you’ve heard lately, because it’s 2019 and the current cultural trend is Marie Kondo-ing your life. And if you’ve ever cleaned out your closet, you know that this is actually pretty life changing.

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