Joshua Riley: Web Developer

Joshua Riley

Web Developer

Resume: Bachelors in Music & Psychology, Masters in Music Therapy; former Music Therapist; winner of both the Ashley Kaufmann Musician’s Award and Brotherhood/Sisterhood Award.

Hidden Talent: Drumming (though that’s not exactly hidden); making homemade veggie pizza

If He Weren’t Here: He’d be combining his tech skills and inherent rhythm as a studio recording engineer. And he’d be doing it in Bali.

Ideal PB&J: Whole Foods peanut butter; North Carolina sourwood honey in lieu of jelly; on rosemary & sea salt sourdough bread, with chia seeds, because he’s fancy.

Favorite Account to Follow on Instagram: His Australian Labradoodle,?Charlie Biscuit?<- #onetofollow

Most Daring Thing He’s Ever Done: Jumped off a 30-m. waterfall; jumped out of a plane.