Kate Holcomb: Senior Copywriter / Tech Lead

Kate Holcomb

Senior Copywriter / Tech Lead

Resume: BA in English from UMass Amherst (and, along the way, UMass Dartmouth, UNO, & Yale); previous experience includes CIO, webmaster, perfumer, candymaker, tech guru, CIO and moral support.

Why She Doesn’t Have a Guilty Pleasure: “Guilt should never spoil pleasure.”

If She Were an Article of Clothing: ?She’d be her faithful Doc Martins—because they transition flawlessly from the mosh pit to fancy.

Least Favorite Ad: The toilet paper bears. Seriously, who wants to think about linty bear bum?

Life Changing Quote:?"Every day is a holiday, baby; every day is new. We're the only ones doing the same thing all the time. But that's just us--that's not the world. Every day is a fresh opportunity. Even Honey Buns knows that." ?(Ask her about this story, it's a good one.)

Invaluable Because:?She’s a master of all trades with an uncanny ability to help people see each other’s point of view. Identifies problems and whips up solutions with calmness and clarity.