Peyton Tiblier: Social Media Specialist / Copywriter

Peyton Tiblier

Social Media Specialist
/ Copywriter

RESUME: Earned her Associates degree & BA in Advertising & Marketing Communications from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in NYC. She previously worked as a Social Media Manager at David Perry & Associates in NYC and SoBou in New Orleans.

HIGH SCHOOL SUPERLATIVE: She was voted “funniest” and “wittiest”—basically a comedic genius.

IDEAL PB & J: Crunchy peanut butter all the way—hold the crust and jam, please.

FAVORITE PERSON ON TWITTER: Herself (seriously her Twitter is hysterical). Hey,
everyone’s gotta have a fan.

PROFESSIONAL ROLE MODEL: Leandra Medine. She’s smart, educated, witty, fashionable and was someone who made Peyton realize that you can be interested in a topic like fashion and still be an educated, successful businesswoman. They both possess similar college degrees and share many of the same goals/aspirations. Leandra’s company is called Man Repeller because she dressed in a way that a friend once told her: “repels men.” As someone who dresses in a way that probably seems odd to most people (Peyton has amazing style btw), Peyton feels she has no choice but to stan a woman who takes pride in her quirky style!

MOST DARING THING SHE’S DONE: Moved to New York City at 18 years old. She feels this is the scariest and coolest thing she’ll probably ever do.