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IM Marketing Inc. 5000

We Can Help.

Sometimes you’ll know exactly what you need (website with online e-commerce and an aggressive search campaign, please). Sometimes you’ll need an interpreter and guide to come along for this whole marketing ride (I want to open a business yet still need to sleep at night — please help).

IM Marketing listens. Asks a million questions. And makes sure you get what you want, plus what you need. We work with some huge companies. And we work with start-ups on a tight budget. There is always a way ... always a solution.

A professional brand makes your company more credible, and worth more. That's a fact. We can help you with everything from logo design or branded copy to all the collateral that you need to express your vision. Learn More ?

Design is everything, and we do everything that you can imagine: brochures, business cards, signs, menus, print ads, and more. Learn More ?

Our sites are not just pretty, they convert customers (though pretty is important, too). We know what's now, and what's important. We can help you build a cutting-edge site that reflects your brand and fits your budget. Learn More ?

We will help you create an affordable strategy that is focused on results, not just traffic. All our services include monthly reporting that keep you informed in a language you understand. Learn More ?


We were one of the first companies to leverage Facebook and other social media platforms to attract new business. We can help as much or as little as you need. Plus, we measure results.

We offer eco-friendly printing at pre-negotiated, discounted pricing that can save you money. Plus, we take care of everything: design, printing, quality control and on-time delivery. Learn More ?

Don't experiment with your money – we have tested programs that are proven to grow your business. We've already done all the heavy lifting and offer them to our clients at very affordable prices. Learn More ?

Budgets help you make better choices. Just imagine… signing off on Holiday in September. We work ahead, and we make sure you are well prepared each season. Learn More ?

Many of our pieces are pre-approved by AVEDA as best practices, so you can strategically approve projects without wondering about their results. Learn More ?